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about us

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... are a sporty, dynamic dance acrobatics duo with a lot of energy.

We invite you on a journey into the dazzling nightlife of the last century. Immerse yourself with us in the ambiance of the entertainment temples, dance bars, and the sinful nightlife, where people crowded into bars and cabarets, practicing Charleston, Two Step, Tango, Boogie Woogie, and Rock'n'Roll in cafes and dance halls until the shoe soles glowed.

Let us transport you with lively music and playful movement fantasy, with dance and acrobatics into this era. Where dance partners were thrown into the air and wrapped around the hips.

Clap, snap, or dance along; let yourself be infected by our joy of life and playfulness, simply follow the beat.

Ihr Duo Timeless


Press Review

"What Sophia and Wasili have imagined, worked hard on, and created in numerous rehearsals has ultimately worked, borne fruit, and greatly impressed and fascinated the audience in Kleinmachnow. I am confident that the performance will continue to be so successful everywhere in the future!"
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